Categories & Ranking

Andorra 21 Ports offers a Solo ranking and a Team ranking. You can only participate in one of them.


Riders are categorized by age and gender. You will compete against the riders of your age category for a place on the podium. The first three riders in each age category will be awarded with a trophy.

The following terms refer to specific age groups for the Solo ranking:

  • Sub 30, Ages under 30
  • Master 30, Age 30-39
  • Master 40, Age 40-49
  • Master 50, Age 50-59
  • Master 60, Age 60-69


There are three team categories – Male, Female and Mixed. Each team consists of two riders. The ranking will be based on the cumulated time of the two team members. Choose your team mate wisely – you will be penalised in case you finish with more than 2 minutes difference to each other.

  • Male
  • Female
  • Mixed

The Race for the Jerseys

After each of the three stages there will be a competition for two different jerseys for both the Solo and Team ranking. For the Solo ranking the age categories are not taken into account:

Leader Jerseys

The leading rider/team will get to wear the coveted leader’s jersey in the following stage. It stands above all else, as it designates the first rider/s in the general classification.

Mountain Jerseys

The mountain jersey will be given to the rider/team that has gained the most points for reaching the mountain summits first. The best overall climber/s will wear the King or Queen of the Mountains Jersey/s.

Young Rider Classification

The Jersey for the Young Rider Classification will be awarded to fastest rider born between 1996 and 2003, who will be announced the Best Young Rider.