Transfer from Barcelona Airport to Andorra

DirectBus is the easiest way to get to and from the Barcelona airport or Andorra Terminals across Andorra Multisport Festival, with an excellent customer satisfaction rating.   This is a regular bus line that provides more daily connections between Andorra, Barcelona and El Prat airport in the fastest, most comfortable and safest way.  DIRECTBUS   currently offers its customers a broad timetable with 20 permanent daily journeys from 6:15 a.m. to 11:45 p.m., with stops at El Prat airport (T1 and T2) – Barcelona (Sants Train Station) and the centre of Andorra La Vella (C/ Dr. Vilanova, 1).  Be sure to organize your transport early. Choosing your route carefully as last-minute changes are usually difficult.  We recommend you book early to avoid disappointment.  BOOK HERE  Groups and private Service for: 
  • 1 a 3 pax: 280€ 
  • 4 a 6 pax: 330€ 
  • a 19 pax : 480€ 
  • 20 a 50pax : 680€ 
  • 50 a 60pax : 750€ 
  • 60 a 70pax : 900€ 
   Please, send an e-mail to [email protected]   *PLEASE after summiting your booking be sure you include check with the options include bike transport     IMPORTANT  Bicycles will not be transported unless they have been packed correctly for transportation.  Bicycles must be perfectly packed and protected when being kept in the luggage compartment.  Customers must keep the receipt of their purchase in order to prove that the bike was bought in Spain or Andorra.  Schedules and fares 

The Principality does not have its own airport, but nearby there are major international airports: Blagnac airport in Toulouse (France), El Prat airport in Barcelona, Girona airport (Spain) and Alguaire airport in Lerida (Spain). Except at Girona there is a daily bus service direct to Andorra from these airports, and the journey takes between three and four hours.

Spain Airports

Toulouse airport 

The nearest train station is in France, in L’Hospitalet-près-l’Andorre, located just 7 miles by road from the border. This station is served by trains from other major French cities, mainly in the south, such as Toulouse. For visitors coming from Spain, one good solution is the Lleida Pirineus station, with high-speed trains (AVE) stopping there, mainly from Madrid-Puerta de Atocha and Barcelona Sants. The cities with a railway service closest to the country have a bus service with direct connection to Andorra.


  • Sants Station (Barcelona)
  • Lleida Pirineus Station (Lleida)
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  • Matabiau station (Toulouse)
  • Ospitalet (Ospitalet)
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Due to Andorra’s unique location in the heart of the Pyrenees, all options to cross the border onto Andorran soil mean you’ll have to use the road. If you prefer to come by car on your own, you should know that access from Spain is via the N-145 road, in the southern area of Andorra, while access from France is by the east of the Principality, by the N22 road. No international driving licence is required for driving in Andorra if the reason for your visit is only tourism.

Túnel d’Envalira is a toll infrastructure located at an altitude of 2,050 m that allows you to connect Andorra la Vella and Canillo with Pas de la Casa, Southern France and the French and Catalan Cerdanya. Through the tunnel you can go under the Port of Envalira, which rises up to 2,408 m in altitude, very quickly, directly and safely. It is located in a wonderful natural enclave. From our rest areas located on the Grau Roig side, spectacular landscapes can be observed. You cannot miss the unique views of the Pessons glacial cirque, it is one of the key tourist spots in Andorra that you cannot miss on your check-list, from here numerous natural hiking routes start. From the heart of the mountain, the members of the Túnel d’Envalira team are fans of sports, the mountain and the environment. We are waiting for you!


  • Paris: 862 km
  • Bordeaux: 427 km
  • Toulouse: 185 km
  • Perpignan: 163 km
  • Foix: 100 km


  • Madrid: 613 km
  • Bilbao: 601 km
  • Valencia: 496 km
  • Zaragoza: 300 km
  • Girona: 271 km
  • Barcelona: 208 km
  • Tarragona: 198 km
  • Lleida: 185 km

The connections by bus from the main Catalan stations are mainly concentrated in Barcelona, Vic, Gerona, Tarragona and Lerida. In the case of France, the bus station in Toulouse has a regular service to Andorra.

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  • Barcelona Est. Nord-Ponts – Andorra la Vella (ALSINA GRAELLS)
  • Barcelona Est. Nord-Túnel del Cadí – Andorra la Vella (ALSINA GRAELLS)
  • Barcelona Aeroport (T1/T2) – Andorra la Vella (NOVATEL)
  • Barcelona Aeroport (T1/T2) – Barcelona Est. Sants-Andorra la Vella (AUTOCARS NADAL)
  • Barcelona Est. Nord – Solsona – Andorra la Vella (ALSINA GRAELLS)
  • Lleida Est. de BUS – Lleida RENFE – Escaldes-Engordany (MONTMANTELL)
  • Lleida Est. de BUS – Lleida RENFE – Andorra la Vella (ALSINA GRAELLS)
  • Hospitalet de l’Infant-Andorra la Vella (VIATGES MONTMANTELL)
  • Reus –Andorra la Vella (LA HISPANO IGUALADINA)
  • Salamanca-Andorra la Vella (VIATGES MONTMANTELL)
  • Tui-Escaldes-Engorday – Pas de la Casa (CAMINO BUS)
  • L’Ospitalet-Andorra la Vella (LA HISPANO ANDORRANA)
  • Tolosa SNCF- Aeroport Tolosa- Andorra la Vella (NOVATEL)
  • Arcos de Valdevez- Valença – Escaldes-Engordany (CAMINO BUS)
  • Arcos de Valdevez – V.P. de Ancora – El Pas de la Casa (COOPERATIVA INTERURBANA ANDORRANA)
  • Porto – Andorra (CAMINO BUS)