The Race for the Podium

Andorra 21 Ports riders are categorized by age and gender. Riders in the same age category will compete against each other for a place on the podium. The first three riders in each age group will be awarded with a trophy.

The following terms refer to specific age groups for this race:

Elite / Under-23


Master 30

Age 30-39

Master 40

Age 40-49

Master 50

Age 50-59

Master 60

Age 60-69

The Race for the Jerseys

In addition, after each of the three stages, there will be a competition for 3 different jerseys:

Leader Jersey

The rider who leads the General Classification will get to wear the coveted leader’s jersey in the following stage.

Young Jersey

The best young rider, between 18-25 years, with the lowest overall time will proudly wear the young jersey.

Mountain Jersey

The mountain jersey will be given to the rider that has gained the most points for reaching the mountain summits first. The Best Climber overall will wear the King of the Mountains Jersey.